IDM Future Directions

The current IDM program ends on June 30. Check out the exciting news about our future directions shared by ANU Crawford and IWDA's IDM team leaders Sharon Bessell and Joanna Pradella.

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Individual Measure of Multidimensional Poverty

IMMP will be based in the Poverty and Inequality Research Centre within the Crawford School of Public Policy and continue to develop a strong research and evidence base for assessing and responding to poverty.

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Equality Insights

Equality Insights will leverage IWDA’s long-term, feminist partnerships to engage with women’s rights organisations and movements, putting data in their hands and co-analysing the data for actionable insights.


The work of the Individual Deprivation Measure will be carried forward under two new banners from July 2020.

For more than 12 years, the ANU and the IWDA have worked together to build a tool for tracking how development is changing the lives of the world’s most deprived. From July 2020, this ground-breaking work on individual and gender sensitive poverty measurement will be carried forward by each partner under two new banners. Equality Insights, implemented by IWDA, and the Individual Measure of Multidimensional Poverty (IMMP), led by ANU.

IDM Future Directions

IDM Future Directions

Individual Deprivation Measure Partners