Webinar: Women’s Economic Empowerment: Practical Tools for Gender-responsive Poverty Measurement.

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ANU IDM Team Leader, Professor Sharon Bessell discussed the IDM as part of a panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment in March. The event, sponsored by SEEP is part of a learning hub and fund to promote collaboration through webinars, case studies, briefs and meetings.

Watch the webinar here.

From the SEEP network’s event page:

Measuring changes in poverty and empowerment are complex.  This requires carefully designed measurement methods that can capture gender-sensitive data. Across many market systems development programs, a monetary approach is often used to define and measure poverty.  This is not unusual, given that money-metric definitions and measures of poverty are the most tested and recognized.  There are also new alternative poverty measurement tools that capture the multi-dimensional aspects of poverty and capture intra-household dynamics. This webinar will explore the strengths and weaknesses of each approach, and discuss the practical implications for practitioners. Specifically, the webinar will explore tools such as the Progress out of Poverty (PPI) and newer poverty measurement tools such as the Individual Deprivation Measure and the Disadvantage Assessment. Each presenter will introduce their tool, explain the practical applications, and its ability to capture or catalyze gender-responsive results.