Looking Inside the Household

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Knowing who is poor, in what ways and to what extent.

The Individual Deprivation Measure (IDM) is a new, gender-sensitive measure of multidimensional poverty. It’s a ground-breaking measure developed to assess deprivation at the individual level.

By collecting information about 15 key dimensions of life – including those important to a gendered understanding of poverty like time-use, voice in the community and violence – the IDM can generate granular data to inform the work of global leaders, NSOs and policy makers to leave no one behind.

This page has been developed for attendees of UNECE Work Session on Gender Statistics in Neuchâtel, Switzerland from 15-17 May.



IDM at the UNECE Work Session on Gender Statistics

IDM Researcher Dr Kylie Fisk  is attending the Work Session in 2019. She will discuss her paper, co-authored by Carol McInerney: Measuring gender inequality within the household using the Individual Deprivation Measure in Fiji.

The paper explores the limitations of household-level surveys, and illustrates the power of data collected at the individual-level through sharing analysis from an IDM study in Fiji in 2015. By interviewing all adult household members, the IDM enables insights into variation and inequality within households, and a new perspective on gender inequality.

Join Dr Fisk’s session on Thursday, 16 at the Economic Empowerment and Intra Household Power session from 13:30 – 15:40.

Download the paper below, along with the Fiji study report and brief.



Working Paper: Measuring gender inequality within the household using the IDM in Fiji

Download PDF
Fiji report: Exploring multidimensional poverty in Fiji

Download PDF
The Fiji study in brief

Download PDF



Find out more about the IDM



This short (4 minute long) video gives an introduction to the power of the IDM and the role it can play in leaving no one behind:

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