South Africa Country Study

  • Published: May 25, 2020
  • Country: South Africa
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This report presents the results of the initial analysis of the IDM South Africa Country Study. The South African study had two parts: (i) a national-level main sample, with a final sample size of 8,652 individuals; and (ii) a purposive sample of people with disabilities, which was implemented in Gauteng and Limpopo provinces. 826 individuals with disabilities were sampled, and they and other adult individuals in their households were interviewed, achieving a final sample size of 2,311 individuals. Data collection for both took place between February and June 2019, and the same survey instruments were used for both samples.

This report also provides an overview of the IDM and describes the way deprivation is measured. The results for both samples are presented—overall and for four subgroup analyses (comparisons by gender, age, locality (rural/urban) and disability status). The report concludes with reflections on these analyses and a discussion of some of the technical issues for the IDM raised by the South African study.

Index construction and dimension scoring procedures, South Africa Country Study Version 2

Revised results of indicators, themes and dimensions, overall and by subgroup analysis, South Africa Country Study main sample

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Executive Summary

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Full report

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Report body

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Appendix A.1—dimension scoring and aggregation procedures

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Appendix A.2—tables of results of indicators, themes and dimensions

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