Dame Marilyn Waring to speak at Conference Dinner

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Dr Marilyn Waring, Professor of Public Policy at Auckland University of Technology, is a renowned feminist, political economist, former New Zealand politician, author and activist for women’s human rights and environmental issues. It’s our pleasure to announce that Marilyn will give the keynote address at the Measure What Matters Conference Dinner on April 7.

Known as the principal founder of the discipline of feminist economics, Marilyn’s critique of the limitations of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and sustained advocacy for a more inclusive understanding of economic, social and environmental value has influenced academics, government accounting, and United Nations policies. In recognition of her contribution Marilyn was recently awarded the honor of Dame for her services to women and economics.



In this recent TEDx talk in Christchurch Marilyn explains that unpaid labour (such as childcare) is still the largest sector in many countries and:


“You cannot make good policy if the single largest sector of your nation’s economy is not visible. You can’t presume to know where the needs are. You can’t locate time poverty. You can’t address issues of need.”


Waring has long called for time use surveys and alternative methods of measuring a country’s productivity. Her speech at the Measure What Matters Global Conference dinner will continue this theme of measuring beyond GDP to better capture and understand what counts.


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