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Image of a man sitting on a bed, combing a woman's hair. The woman is reading. This photo was taken in South Asia.
Webinar: Transforming the Face of Unpaid Care Work

This Friday, Jo Crawford will be contributing to an ActionAid podcast about unpaid care work. Register for the webinar today.

2 minutes
Image of two women in Timor sitting on a veranda. One of the women is staring straight at the camera and wears a stripy top.
Webinar: Women’s Economic Empowerment: Practical Tools for Gender-responsive Poverty Measurement.

ANU IDM Team Leader, Professor Sharon Bessell discussed the IDM as part of a panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment in March. The event, sponsored by SEEP is part of a learning hub and fund to promote collaboration through webinars, case studies, briefs and meetings.