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Image showing a bar graph with 5 bars, all dark blue except for one bar which is empty and has a dotted line surrounding it. There is a magnifying glass over this missing bar.
Eliminating Violence Against Women: The Role for Data

What role can data play in ending violence against women? Read our interview with Dr Sharon Bessell for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Image of a man sitting on a bed, combing a woman's hair. The woman is reading. This photo was taken in South Asia.
Webinar: Transforming the Face of Unpaid Care Work

This Friday, Jo Crawford will be contributing to an ActionAid podcast about unpaid care work. Register for the webinar today.

2 minutes
IDM at the Sustainability and Development Conference

From 9 – 11 November, the Sustainability and Development Conference was held at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Read Associate Professor Janet Hunt and Trang Pham’s presentations to the conference.

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Image of very dense living, most houses have rooves made of corrugated iron.
Measuring what really matters in global poverty

There’s much more to poverty than just low household income. Sharon Bessell

The UN World Data Forum 2018 – Key Discussions

The Second UN World Data Forum was held this week in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It marked a milestone in the journey to “making sustainable development data for all a reality”.

Image of three women sitting together, weaving in Indonesia.
How Can We Know If Women Are Being Economically Empowered?

Read Associate Professor Janet Hunt’s (ANU IDM Team) blog for the Deliver 2030 blog series on Women, Work and Economic Empowerment.

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