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Individual Deprivation Measure Program at the Human Development and Capabilities Association Conference, London 9-11 September

The Individual Deprivation Measure (IDM) Program, a partnership between the Australian National University, International Women’s Development Agency and the Australian Government, will present a panel session on Wednesday 11th at the Human Development & Capability Association (HDCA) Conference in London this week. At the conference? Tweet at us using @IDMData

IDM Statistics Support Consultancy

The IWDA IDM team is seeking statistics support to augment IWDA IDM research team capacity to further analyse IDM Fiji data and write up results for publication in academic journals. The IDM Program is in the final year of implementing of the current program and is working to maximise outputs including technical and academic outputs, […]

HLPF Side Event: Navigating the politics of open data: Discussion paper

The Individual Deprivation Measure Program collaborated with Open Data Watch and UN Women to host a side event on 15 July at the 2019 High Level Political Forum in New York. This discussion paper outlines some of the issues that were explored.  

This is an image showing women sitting together in a hall in Bougainville. They are women's human rights defenders and they are listening to a speech that's underway.
Understanding inequality in the Pacific – we need more data

While there has been significant progress in the collection of data in recent years, there is still a lack of information to inform understanding of within household inequality in the Pacific region.

IDM wins the inaugural RDI Conference video competition

We were thrilled to be announced the winners of the inaugural video competition at the 2019 Research for Development Impact (RDI) Network Conference. Watch the video on this page.

1.5 mins
This image shows a woman standing in a doorway, with her back to the camera. She is holding a child on her hip and they are both looking out to the garden. This image illustrates a blog about Family Planning ahead of Women Deliver.
Family Planning: Women’s Needs Must Be Visible

At Women Deliver 2019, women’s access to family planning will be a key area of discussion. The IDM can support global leaders and policy makers to target family planning work effectively. Find out more in this article.

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